Maximum accuracy in supply chain management


Why air shipping?

Air shipping is the quickest and the safest solution to move freight across the globe and known as the most precise shipping method in supply chain management. This mode of transportation allows shippers to respond to the market demands quickly and easily. This is the best solution for those companies who move temperature-sensitive and high-value products. Air transportation plays a very critical role in the operation of supply chain management of the world, achieving the highest precision and planning ability for global traders and manufacturers.

Why Barbod Air Freight?

How we do it?

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    The process starts at the warehouse or the holding facility, where we coordinate with our local carrier to pick-up your goods. Once the freight is loaded, it will move directly to the airport to be put onto the plane. The plane right departs and flies toward the destination or the transition airport. After landing at the destination, we will arrange the delivery to the planned point or load the freight onto the second carrier for the next air journey or a multi-modal shipping. From there, the freight will be delivered to our local carrier at the destination for transition to your appointed final point of delivery.
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